Google Disavow Links and Cleaning Up Your Indexed Backlinks

So you have been creating backlinks to your website for sometime now as you have heard through the internet marketing grapevine that backlinks are truly necessary when it comes to getting great Google rankings for your most valuable keywords.

Most businesses have little resources when it comes to doing SEO or search engine optimization on their website to get the site ranked in the Google search results next to their competition. Many hire outside services in the United States and offshore like India and Russia to provide them with link building resources. The truth is, many services say they manually submit your site information to the best qualified directories, forums, blog sites etc. but they are really just using software that adds your site info to a list of hundreds of others from all types of industries and niches.

This used to be a viable form of building links and getting your site ranked in Google. Over the past few years, Google’s algorithm has been optimized to label these sites as spam sites and gives your business website negative value based on your information just being there.

Since the post Panda and post Penguin algorithm updates, Google has created an area inside it’s Webmaster Tools area that you can download all the backlinks Google has indexed and even disavow the bad ones. If you have a Webmaster account setup for your site, the backlink information should already be there to download to Excel. If you don’t have Webmaster Tools setup for your site, don’t worry it only takes a few minutes and it’s free to use.

Once you are in Googles Webmaster Tools, you can go to the Search area and click on the links option where Google will show you a top level of all your backlinks you created for your website. Click on more and an option will popup to download all latest backlinks. Download the backlinks, look at all the ones that may seem like spam to Google and place them in Notepad or another note program.

You can then go to the Google Disavow section and upload a basic txt file with the links you would like Google to disregard. Once the uploaded information is accepted, Google will show the number of links and domains you have uploaded for them to overlook.

This can take several weeks to several months for the backlink removals to show up in the backlinks section. Google also recommends reaching out to the sites to see if they will manually remove your website information from their site. If you do this, keep notes on what site, when your requested etc. You can submit another form to Google to request they manually remove the bad backlinks for your business from their search directory completely.

For more information on Googles Disavow check out their backlinks help information. For help with disavowing your bad backlinks, contact

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